The Importance of AHA and BHA for Deep Clenasing

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid): Specially designed for vacuum skin care devices, AHA gently cleans dead skin cells on the skin with the glycolic acid it contains. It contributes to a smooth skin appearance by equalizing skin tone.

BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid): Developed specifically for vacuum skin care devices, BHA is especially suitable for oily skin and the T zone. Controls excess sebum in oily skin and reduces shine in the T-zone. By cleansing the pores, it helps the skin achieve a matte and fresh appearance.

Deeply Moisturizing and Cleansing Essence and Cleanser

Essence: It is an essence formula specially developed for vacuum skin care devices. It is a product applied after A.H.A (Alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA (Beta hydroxy acid) processes. It contains a herbal mixture, thus it penetrates deeply into the skin and moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.

Cleanser: It is specially formulated so that vacuum skin care devices can work effectively. It provides hygiene by cleaning dirt, oil, and other residues accumulated inside the device. It provides gentle cleansing on the skin, while also opening the pores and helping the skin breathe better.