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We are ready to deliver products and services to hospitals, clinics, A plus beauty salons, and dermo cosmetics users in Turkey and to be the pioneer and leader of the sector with all the products and services we offer.

Peeling and Purifying Mask Series

Peels and masks play a critical role in weekly skin care, thoroughly cleansing the skin. These stages cleanse the skin from dead skin, bacteria, and microorganisms with a micro-peeling effect, while stimulating the skin surface and activating blood circulation. Thanks to its microcirculation effect, it supports new tissue formation by increasing the skin's collagen production. Masks protect the skin's sebum balance, prevent acne, blackheads, or whiteheads, and keep the skin more vibrant. This weekly ritual contributes to a healthy appearance of the skin, while micro-peeling and mask applications help rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. It should not be forgotten that using the right products and correct techniques is an important factor in the effectiveness of skin care.

Best Professional Care Products

Professional care products most suitable for different skin types and needs are at Macka’s Pharma. Special professional care products for those who want their skin to have a more vibrant, bright, and healthy appearance...

Feel the Difference with Anti-Age Series

Collagen & Elastin

These two building blocks, synthesized from fibroblasts, are similar in their protein substructures at the molecular level but differ in their general structure and the functions they undertake. Collagens are responsible for the fullness and thickness of the skin, while elastin are responsible for the elasticity and resistance of the skin.

Acne-Free and Smooth Skin

Bacteria and dead cells living on the skin block the sebum-secreting channels in the middle layer of the skin, causing swelling and inflammation. If the body produces too much sebum, open comedowns (blackheads), closed comedowns (white small bumps), and acne-like problems occur on the skin.

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